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Toudaotang Technology Co., Ltd. was founded by Mr. Zhou Zongliang in 2003, and officially launched in 2014. The brand regards the Chinese medicine and longevity culture as the cornerstone of development,

continuously inheriting and developing the Miao formula, which can data back to 1000-something years ago. In another word, Toudaotang is the pioneer in the hair and scalp care market. Toudaotang is rooted in China, but can benefit people from all around the global.

After years of development, there are now 13000+ stores distributed around the world.

In 2022, we cooperates with dancer Ms. Yang Liping, hand in hand to deliver a new concept of healthy life.

20 Years of Operation

13000+ Stores Are Running

10+ Countries and Regions

Brand Story

The Origin of Miao’s Culture

China, the origin of the Miao culture, has 56 ethnic groups, and the Miao is one of the most mysterious of them. The Miao are normally found in the south-central and southeast parts of China and some south-eastern countries. Growing up in China, the Miao culture absorbs the essence of Chinese culture while retaining its own characteristics. Therefore, Miao medicine is an active branch of traditional Chinese medicine and pharmacy. The Hmong is the ethnic group of granded migration.

The places where they set foot were mostly barren and uninhabitable — moist and slurry environment is the hotbed for bacteria and viruses. However, the harsh living environment does not influence the simple and joyous life of Miao people. Moreover, Miao women regards the ubiquitous hot springs as a gift of nature, waiting for the steamy water to wash away their fatigue after a hard day’s work.

Hmong women also like to wear their hair in a bun. They all come with dark and thick hair that is smooth and glossy without split ends,
which according to the Chinese medicine and pharmacy, is a symbol of great health.
Therefore, people believe that the hidden elements in the hot springs may do good to one’s physical and mental health. From then on, take a bath in the hot spring becomes the Miao’s custom.

The scientific and medical principle of the hot spring was not known until decades later: The unique geological structure and local climate make the natural pot that simmers the herbs fallen in the spring water,
with minerals and natural extract melted in the water. Inspired by that, the Miao invented a health-care method – Herbal Soup + Head Spa, leverating the potential of the scattering herbs.

What is Wellness Solutions?

Wellness is What We All Seeking for

Around the world, people are constantly changing their diets and lifestyles in the pursuit of health, from gluten-free diets to veganism. Wellness, on the other hand, is more advanced than health, targeting both physical and mental well-being. The well-know Yoga and meditation are part of wellness solution.


Why Toudaotang's Special

At present, body and head spa on the market only focus on the external physical therapy, basically for relaxing. While, Toudaotang head spa takes advantage of herbs, which, according to TCM, can funciton on bioelectricity of body.
The Miao medicines growing up in Leigong Mountain are of high quality and have better efficacy. And the freshly boiled herbal soup can give full play to the efficacy of the Miao medicines.
Toudaotang’s head and hair spa is supported by the TCM theories, which have been proved to be efficient in mitigating series of sub-health issues, like anxiety and depression, dizziness, headache, and difficulty concentrating.

Miao Medicine of Thoudsands Years

Modern Miao medicine says that the condition of head mirrors the one of whole body, reflecting the conditions of the organs.Therefore, the head is an important entrance for the body to access to many external elements.

According to this theory, if the scalp can be infiltrated by various herbal soups, then positive elements can enter the body and assist the function and cooperation of Qi, blood and energy in the body.

The herbs in the Miao formula originate from Leigong Mountain, the “mother mountain of the Miao people” in the southeast of Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture. This mountain is 2,178.8 meters, and thus enjoying a renown local name called“Niupidajing”

The trees on Leigong Mountain are luxuriant, with a canopy as thick as cattle hide. The moutain is surrounded by strong frog and moisture, indulging in windy and rainy weathers, with little sunshine all year round.

The Mountain is dressed in thick clouds in all seasons, decelerating the warming-up in spring and cooling-down in fall. And this is the reason why the Mountain is cold and cloudy all year round, which makes it an ideal place for many trees, teas and herbs to grow.

Toudaotang is a pioneer and leader in medical health care industry that forge a new way of head theray, which combines traditional Miao herbal soup with head massage.

We believe:

Toudaotang, as a provider of highly effective health care solutions, will deliver to the world the magical power from the land of the East.

Founder Zhou Zongliang of Toudaotang

Health Industry Leader, Head Therapy and Wellness Advocate

He is a pioneer in the global “O2O+ Partner” strategic execution, the creator of China’s leading head wellness brand Toudaotang. He foresaw the inevitable trend of “Internet + Wholesome Health Industry” in future development. By overturning traditional beauty industry concepts with the management philosophy of “Internet + Toudaotang,” he established an industry benchmark and created a multi-billion-dollar O2O large health digital service community. This community forms the basis for the Beauty and Health Industry Alliance ecosystem. Currently, brand partners have achieved global coverage in 13,000+ Toudaotang locations, training over 1,000,000 beauty therapists to provide services to users nationwide. Toudaotang has internationalized, successfully entering countries and regions such as Singapore, the United States, Vietnam, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan!

He's the Great Action of Hero for His Dream

In 2003, Mr. Zhou Zongliang faced challenges such as the SARS outbreak and difficulties in team building during the early days of entrepreneurship. Carrying only a backpack, he traveled across the country, establishing 52 agents and steering the company onto the right track. Today, the spirit of carrying a backpack has become a symbol of the company’s challenging beginnings and a continuous source of inspiration for development.
In 2013, with keen market insight, Mr. Zhou Zongliang shifted his focus to the field of head therapy and wellness, introducing the concept of the Toudaotang brand. He firmly believed that Toudaotang’s traditional Chinese medicine hair care was a manifestation of brand differentiation and a crucial step in gaining market recognition. After a decade of brand cultivation and product development, he has proven to the outside world that the Toudaotang brand has a bright future ahead!

He is a Educator. He says: “A great enterprise must have love at its core.” The Toudaotang Charity Campaign is comprehensively promoted both domestically and internationally. It not only addresses the problems of numerous sub-healthy individuals with scalp issues but also, through the promotion of charitable activities, extends care and imparts selfless warmth to many vulnerable groups in need of attention.

At the same time, it helps more people find a platform for employment and development. The company emphasizes talent recruitment, education, and training, focusing on a large group of aspiring individuals to develop the health industry, fulfilling the mission of promoting health culture, and continuing the legacy of traditional Chinese medicine that spans thousands of years in China.

People Oriented Philosophy of Health Preservation, Supporting the Healthy Living

Always Uphold Credibility and Effciency in Mind
















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