Scalp detection – dredging – head, neck and shoulder relaxation – five-step soup – scalp care

-Hair care – Gua sha

Suitable for

Dandruff, oily head, blood circulation in the head, scalp after perm
People with damaged hair and sub-healthy heads

Stay-at-home advice

Scientific diet, forbidden cold, raw and cold;
Moderate exercise (Liutai Gong, Lapping Gong);
Maintain a pleasant mood; Get enough sleep

Effect of use

The traditional Miao recipe is combined with 0.02 micron small molecule purified water to make a fresh decoction. The traditional Chinese medicine physiotherapy techniques and special instruments open up the seven yang meridians of the head, more than 50 acupuncture points, and the reflex area of the viscera. Achieve the effect of internal health preservation and external hair nourishment.


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